June 13-15, 2017
Tampa, FL

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Downloadable 2017 Shared Services & Outsourcing Exchange Brochure

The SS&O industry has made a conscious shift of moving away from the norm. We’ve all seen it. A move away from pure play transactional cost cutting to value-added business partnering, a business model transition from incremental to transformative to disruptive, and a silo-busting attempt to drive greater efficiency and process standardization... Read More


Optimizing Governance in Shared Services: An Interview with Dow's Theresa Jones

Dow Chemical Global Business Process Service Centers Director Theresa Jones discusses optimizing governance in shared... Read More

Expanding & Integrating Global Shared Services: An Interview with MGM Resort's Melody Bittinger

MGM Resort Vice President of Finance Shared Service Center Melody Bittinger discusses expanding and integrating global shared... Read More

The Pfizer Operating Model & Expansion Strategy: An Interview with Dan Carney

Pfizer Shared Services Director Dan Carney discusses the Pfizer operating model and expansion... Read More


2017 State of the Shared Services Industry Report

The past two years have been full of dramatic headlines foretelling the end of Shared Services as we know it. A new “digital” workforce, we’re told, will be running much of the show. Management will only be interested in data and the story it tells, and the ‘services’ role of Shared Services will be automated away. Well not so fast...... Read More


The Road to Successful Shared Services Implementation: A Q&A with AGCO Corporation’s Emese Szakács, Director of Budapest Shared Services, and Lucinda B. Smith, SVP Global Business Services and CHRO

In this Q&A, AGCO Corporation’s Emese Szakács, Director of Budapest Shared Services, and Lucinda B. Smith, SVP Global Business Services and CHRO, discuss the one thing that organizations overlook when implementing shared services, balancing organizational excellence and delivering on customer requests, and the future of GBS organizations.... Read More

Shared Services Implementation and Governance: A Q&A with Interpublic’s Vice President of Global Business Transformation and Operations Management, Marisa Kabasinskas

In this Q&A, Marisa Kabasinskas Vice President of Global Business Transformation & Operations Management of Interpublic discusses best ‘first steps’ to identify optimal governance structures, common mistakes organizations make when implementing shared services, evaluating organizational governance, and IPG’s priorities for... Read More

Additional Event Information

Shared Services Exchange 2016 Post Event Report

The 2016 Shared Services Exchange post-event report features interviews with speakers, attendee lists, event photos and videos and... Read More


Top 10 Mistakes When Implementing Shared Services

No-one ever said adopting the shared services model was a walk in the park (indeed, plenty of people have said entirely the opposite!). It simply isn’t meant to be easy. However, some of the biggest problems arising when an organization moves to shared services are of that organization’s own... Read More

'Tis the Season for Process Improvement

No matter what your beliefs or traditions, the holidays can be a stressful time of year for many people. But it's also a brilliant opportunity for process... Read More

How do you solve the HR/Shared Services paradox?

Which solution do you veer towards: industrialized or... Read More

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